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Hospital Scrubs UK  | Nursing scrubs and nurse scrub wear

We at hospital scrubs UK supply Scrubs and Scrub wear for a large range of medical nursing scrubsprofessions. Nursing Scrubs is one of our key focuses when we manufacture and distribute our Scrubs.

Hospital scrubs UK is powered by Rizues limited- the uniform brand, a nominated supplier for NHS. Like all of our medical scrubs, nursing scrubs meet all NHS regulation and recommendations. Making sure you have a safe and secure product for your staff.

We pride ourselves on our nursing scrubs being available by any businesses – small or large. With our scrub suit being only £13.95 (ex. vat) they are affordable by any individual or businesses.

Price list for Nursing Scrubs:
Hospital Scrubs UK – Nursing Scrubs Prices
Product # Product Price
R199 Unisex scrubs Suit £13.95 (ex. vat)
R197 Unisex scrub top £8.95 (ex. vat)
R198 Unisex scrub trousers £8.95 (ex. vat)
R194 Fashion scrub top £10.25 (ex. vat)
R195 Fashion scrub trousers £10.95 (ex. vat)
R801 Patient wear scrub top £9.95 (ex. vat)
R806 Patient wear scrub trousers £8.95 (ex. vat)
R821 Patient wear night dress £9.95 (ex. vat)

We have a wide range of clothing for both the nursing staff and patients. The Nursing scrubs are available in sizes 8 – 24. The Patient Wear selection was released for all medical patient purposes. Patient scrubs available for men and women.

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