Hospital Scrubs News

Title: Leading up to Christmas
Date: 16.12.2013

During the Christmas holiday period you can still place order via our Rizues website and be email orders at can also place orders by fax at 0845 459 0002.

Please note there will be no deliveries between 20th December – 3rd January 2014

Thank You and Merry Christmas.


Title: Scrubs for Halloween
Date: 27.10.2013

Some of our customers around this time buy scrubs as part of a Halloween costume, as a surgeon or doctor, fancy dress in the medical profession is very popular around this time of year. Customers with this in mind buy our scrubs for real authenticity as opposed to a fancy dress replica.


Title: Where to use our scrubs?
Date: 18.07.2013

Scrubs are a unique form of uniform that can be used in a variety of scenarios and job roles. In the past we have provided Scrubs to nurses, doctors, surgeons – a wide range of hospital workers. We also supply our scrubs to beauty and salon workers for tanning work, nails and other beauty therapy tasks.

Scrubs are used in a lot of job roles and are not just specific to the medical profession. When hygiene is key (in many professions) then scrub are an ideal uniform.


Title: Scrubs Suit Sets
Date: 02.05.2013unisex scrubs

We have introduced scrub sets with the primary aim to meet the customer needs.
Our Scrub set is a combination of our scrub top (R197) and our scrub trousers (R198) to create a scrub set pack. Our scrub pack is:

  •  More convenient for the customer
  • Saving money
  • Ideal for private businesses and healthcare organisations

With a consistent order of matching scrub tops and scrub trousers, it is highly convenient to introduce a scrub set containing both items. This scrub set contains both a Scrub top and Scrub trousers. This scrub set garment offers a reduction in price in comparison to if it was sold separately.

Our scrub suit set price is only £13.95 (ex VAT) which is ideal for small and large medical organisations. We have already sold our scrub set to a series of public and private medical sectors.

A full range of our scrubs and other medical uniforms can be found on our brand website: