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We at Hospital Scrubs UK have a large selection of medical scrubs that are affordable medical scrubs suitand suitable for all medical businesses. Our large variation of colours, styles and sizes make our medical scrubs perfect for any medical staff in any medical business.

Our standard Scrubs suit comes in over a dozen colours. We create our scrubs to match your businesses and profession. From private medical businesses to public practices.

We have supplied medical scrubs to a lot of businesses that are both private and public. In the past we have provided scrubs to carers, veterinary staff, dentist staff, hospital staff and more.

Medical scrubs price list:
Hospital Scrubs UK | Medical Scrubs Prices
Product # Product Price
R199 Unisex scrubs Suit £13.95 (ex. vat)
R197 Unisex scrub top £8.95 (ex. vat)
R198 Unisex scrub trousers £8.95 (ex. vat)
R194 Fashion scrub top £10.25 (ex. vat)
R195 Fashion scrub trousers £10.95 (ex. vat)
R801 Patient wear scrub top £9.95 (ex. vat)
R806 Patient wear scrub trousers £8.95 (ex. vat)
R821 Patient wear night dress £9.95 (ex. vat)

We understand that every businesses is different, we make sure that our medical scrubs are suitable for any business. They are available in over a dozen colours and can be ordered in sizes 8-24. The medical scrubs are suitable for any and all businesses and staff.

We supply medical scrubs to both private and public sectors. All of our garments are designed especially for working in a busy environment. our medical scrub top and medical scrub trousers are available in a wide range of sizes allowing you to pick the ideal size and have comfort while working.

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