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Cheap Scrubs and Scrub Wear:

affordable scrub top fashionWe at Hospital Scrubs UK pride ourselves of having affordable and cheap scrubs that are available for any business or person.

Our Unisex scrub suit is our most popular scrub product, priced at only £13.95 (ex. vat).

This page contains the full price list for our entire range, allowing you to compare and find the correct scrub uniform for you.

Hospital Scrubs UK Prices
Product # Product Price Price (Euro)
R199 Unisex scrubs Suit £13.95 (ex. vat) €18.85 (ex. vat) 
R197 Unisex scrub top £8.95 (ex. vat) €13.50 (ex. vat)
R198 Unisex scrub trousers £8.95 (ex. vat)  €13.50 (ex. vat)
R194 Fashion scrub top £10.25 (ex. vat)  €13.84 (ex. vat)
R195 Fashion scrub trousers £10.95 (ex. vat) €14.78 (ex. vat) 
R801 Patient wear scrub top £8.95 (ex. vat) €12.08 (ex. vat) 
R806 Patient wear scrub trousers £8.95 (ex. vat) €12.08 (ex. vat) 
R821 Patient wear night dress £9.95 (ex. vat) €13.43 (ex. vat) 

We believe that it is of vital importance that our scrubs are affordable for all businesses, large or small.Our cheap scrubs are ideal for a large range of medical and non-medical businesses. Our scrubs are used in nursing, dental practice, private hospitals and care homes. They are highly popular due to their low price and high quality garments.

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All products at Hospital Scrubs can be bought from our brand website, Rizues.

Rizues is a supplier of a wide range of healthcare clothing such as tunics, dresses, scrubs and more. Visit the site for details: