• Unisex Scrubs

    Hospital Scrubs UK supplies a large variation of medical Scrubs for both women and men. Our scrubs are available in over a dozen of colours and suit all medical and hospital purposes and requirements. Our Unisex scrub suit is our most popular range and are priced at only: £13.95 (ex. vat).  

    Unisex medical scrubs
  • Scrub Tops

    Hospital Scrubs UK has split the medical scrubs selection into: scrub tops and scrub trousers. We offer separate scrubs in a wide range of colours and styles. We design them so they are appropriate any medical and hospital purposes. Like all of our scrubs, they meet all the NHS requirements. The Rizues uniform brand is a recommended NHS client. …

    hospital scrubs - tops
  • Scrub Trousers

    Hospital Scrubs UK offers a large range of scrub trousers that are ideal for a large range of medical businesses. Such as nursing, dentistry, veterinary, and more. Our high quality, cheap scrubs are made with excellent material so they can be used by a series of medical professionals. We pride ourselves on our …

    hospital scrubs - trousers
  • Patient Wear Scrubs

    Hospital Scrubs UK sells patient wear scrubs that complies with all NHS requirements. The Hospital Scrubs UK Patient Wear is a new segment to our scrubs range. We make sure that our patient wear scrubs and outfits are made to suit any and every patient in all forms of medical possibilities. These …

    hospital scrubs patient wear

The Rizues ltd.

Hospital Scrubs UK is powered by Rizues ltd, the uniform brand. Rizues ltd has a wide variation of medial and hospital clothing. Including scrubs and scrub wear. Click here to be directed to the Rizues official site to view all products.    

R199 scrub suit

Unisex Scrubs Suit (R199)

Hospital Scrubs UK  | Unisex scrubs suit and scrub wear Our Unisex scrubs are available in a range of sizes and colours for men …


Colours of Scrubs

Hospital Scrubs UK  | Over a Dozen scrubs colours. Our scrubs and scrub wear are available in a wide range of colours and styles., suitable …


Scrub Top (R197)

Hospital Scrubs UK  | Scrub top (R197) The R197 Scrub is available in a large variation of colours. At only £8.95 (ex. vat), the product …

r194 scrub top

Uniform Scrub Top (R194)

Hospital Scrubs UK  | Uniform scrub top The R194 uniform Scrub Top is part of our fashion range. The top is available in …